Shipping policy


Sidip World Srl reserves itself the right to modify at any time the prices of the items sold online through the website, being understood that the price of the items on offer on the site must be considered valid up to the time of sending the order. The prices indicated are retail prices, including VAT.
For deliveries, Sidip World Srl will use a courier of its choice.
Delivery will take place within 5 working days from order fulfillment.
Sidip World Srl will not be responsible for non-delivery or delayed delivery in the event that:

  • Due to force majeure, such as - by way of example - strikes, public authority measures, rationing or shortage of energy or raw materials, transport difficulties, fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and damage to industrial machinery not dependent on the fault of Sidip World Srl.
  • Despite having provided for the regular and timely purchase of the items to cover the order received, it has not been replenished within the terms and methods agreed with the supplier.
  • It is unable to make up for the unavailability of such items and has promptly notified the customer of the unavailability of the article, informing him of the right of withdrawal. In the event of unavailability of an item, Sidip World Srl will reimburse the customer for any advance payments of the price within 30 (thirty) days by bank transfer to the bank details communicated by the customer.

Sidip World Srl will promptly notify the customer of the occurrence and absence of a cause of force majeure. If the cause of force majeure persists for a period exceeding 2 (two) weeks, each part will have the right to withdraw from the contract. In the event of withdrawal, the customer will not be entitled to any indemnity or compensation for any reason, except for the right to a refund of any amount already paid as a price.
In the event of a purchase made by a consumer, the risk of accidental loss of the item remains with Sidip World Srl until the item is delivered to the consumer or to another person indicated by the latter, regardless of whether the shipment of the the article itself is or is not insured. In the event of a purchase made by a person other than a consumer, the risk of accidental perishing of the item passes to the customer with the delivery of the item by Sidip World Srl to the first courier. The courier will deliver from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00


For all orders in Italy, including the islands, below € 100.00, the shipping costs to be added to the total cost of the items placed in the cart are set at € 8.00.
For amounts over € 100.00 delivery is FREE throughout Italy, including the islands, and there are no additional costs.
For orders shipped abroad, the transport costs are to be agreed BEFORE the online purchase by requesting a cost estimate to the email address::